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Nokia Lumia 820 photos and reviews

Tom Hall Published by Tom Hall Mon, Dec 10

Nokia Lumia 820 photos and reviews


Tom Hall Published by Tom Hall Mon, Dec 10

Lumia 820 pic

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the the new additions to the Nokia Lumia family and it’s time now to shine the spotlight on the Nokia Lumia 820. And why not?

Let’s start with the recent photoshoot where the Lumia 820 co-starred with some of the excellent Nokia accessories, all captured on the Nokia 808 PureView by Marc for the excellent Pureview Club. The Lumia 820 was captured during some down time away from the set, and graciously allowed Marc to snap a couple of candid shots.

Lumia 820 gallery

**Update** Robert sent me a note on Twitter that he’s had a few things to say about the Lumia 820, and I had to include it in this post. He reckons that the phone delivers a

‘capable and compelling package’

and that it

‘performs like a champ’.

For futher in-depth coverage of the phone, I turned to Michael Fisher at pocketnow who (in response to his readers’ requests) has posted a cracking review of the Lumia 820:

My personal highlight from the video:

‘a thin, heavyweight device’

He’s talking about the feel in the hand, compared to the Nokia Lumia 920. Michael also promises more videos in the future covering build quality and how the phone fares as a ‘daily driver’, so keep an eye out for those on his YouTube channel.

Nokia Lumia 820

Personalisation meets power

Learn more, here.

Have you got your hands on a Nokia Lumia 820 yet? Taken any amazing pics either of it or with it? We’d love to see either, so drop them in the comments or tweet us.

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