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What is Conversations?

Conversations by Nokia is a site that tells compelling stories about the global cultures, technology and people shaping mobile innovation.

Whether you’re seeking ideas about the next stage of technological evolution, tales about the power of communication, the latest news from Nokia, or views from the people in the know, Conversations aspires to be a must-visit destination.

It is, also, a Conversation. We want to create stories you want to comment on and share with other people. We’re always listening to your ideas, opinions and, yes, any complaints. Keep the feedback coming. It helps us do things better.

Who are we?

We are part-publishing professionals, part-Nokia communications experts and part-Kryptonite. All told, there’s twelve-and-a-half of us contributing, in various capacities.

adam-150x150 Adam Fraser is our staff writer. Adam worked for Nokia Care Points for several years prior to joining Conversations, including the one at the London flagship store. He’s the one who really knows the ins and outs of all the devices, and gets our phones working again when we’ve tested them too strenuously.
friida_AD_sq Friida Turku is the editor-in-chief for the Finnish Conversations blog called Nokia Ääni.  She also manages Nokia Finland’s Facebook and Twitter handles and loves all things social. In her free time, Friida is very much into sports, music, traveling and silly teenage TV dramas. And cupcakes. Definitely cupcakes!
ian-150x150 Ian Delaney is the editor. He’s spent more than ten years in technology journalism, editing consumer and business magazines and websites, with a particular focus on mobile devices, social media and education. He keeps things moving and makes sure everything’s spick and span.
jbc-150x150 James Beechinor-Collins (JBC) is our editor-at-large. He’s in charge of the editorial strategy long term. James is one of the co-founders of Republic Publishing, an online publisher of a range of properties including He has years of experience in publishing, including as editor-in-chief of T3.
JasonFinal1-150x150 Jason Harris is our US contributing editor. Based in Portland, Oregon, it’s Jason’s job to report on mobile technology, ideas and the latest developments State-side. A fully paid-up gadget freak, Jason has been writing and broadcasting about tech for a long time.
joe-150x150 Joe Patrick holds the mantle of multimedia journalist, and his talents include taking care of all our video needs, whether it be shooting, editing or adding fancy graphics and music.
Joel Willans Joel Willans is an awarding-winning short story writer and Internet aficionado. In the last four years, he’s worked on a wide variety of Nokia blogs. Currently, he gets his kicks out of cool books, cool websites and Ipswich Town Football Club.
mike-150x150 Mike Cooper is our creative lead. He’s also the other co-founder of Republic Publishing. Mike works on special projects for the site, like our exclusive video content. A long-time contributor and editor on the site, you’ll also find his name against a lot of the older posts in our back-catalogue.
Minna Minna Tuominen keeps the site humming, taking care of the operational flow. Minna helps to keep the content plan together and connects us to the right folks within the company. Minna has been working with Nokia for 10 years in various locations. She joined Conversations from Nokia’s Industry Analyst Relations team.
Paul Coombes Paul Coombes Paul has been working with the Nokia community for over 5 years. His mission is to shine a spotlight on those talking about and are interested in Nokia, as well as bringing new people into Nokia’s activities. He’s always on @Nokia_Connects, so say hi!.
Pino Bonetti Ly Pino Bonetti takes care of the Location section of Nokia Conversations. After studying theoretical physics, he has been working with location-based services for the last seven years. He always knows where to go and how to get there. Maps, navigation and check-ins don’t have any secrets for him.
Tiina Jaatinen Tiina Jaatinen is the editor-in-chief at Nokia, based in the Nokia HQ in Espoo, Finland. She finds us interesting topics to write about, the experts who make the technology tick and the resources we need to make the stories sing. Tiina has her background in media technology and social media and she worked for the BBC before joining Nokia.
Tom Hall Tom Hall has been writing about Nokia products and services for over 5 years, firstly at WomWorld/Nokia, then Nokia Connects. During this time he has been constantly amazed at the commitment of those he has met to the Nokia brand, and still finds himself astounded when he meets Nokia advocates at the passion and knowledge they possess.