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Conversations: About us

The deal for Microsoft to acquire Nokia Devices and Services business has been completed with the approval of shareholders and regulatory authorities.

The Conversations blog is now part of Microsoft, but we’re still here. The same people behind one of the world’s most influential company and technology blogs will continue to inspire you with stories about the latest technology, innovations and people shaping the mobile industry.

It is, also, still called Conversations, and for a reason. We want to create stories you want to comment on and share with other people. We’re always listening to your ideas, opinions and, yes, any complaints. Keep the feedback coming. It helps us do things better.


We are part-publishing professionals, part-communications experts and part-Kryptonite. All told, there are fifteen of us contributing, in various capacities.

Tiina Jaatinen Tiina Jaatinen is the editor-in-chief. She has the vision and the strategy and she guides us through the daily hurdles by turning challenges into opportunities, whilst making sure we maintain our standards of journalistic excellence. Sailing, tennis and cross-country skiing keep her going.
Minna Minna Tuominen keeps the site humming, taking care of the operational flow. Minna helps to keep the content plan together and connects us to the right folks within the company. Minna loves traveling, trekking and snowboarding and we’ve come to learn that no mountain is high enough for her.
luke Luke Peters is our Editor. He’s written for, and edited, some of the biggest technology publishing titles for the best part of 15 years. He works with the global Conversations teams to craft the most engaging articles and stories for the switched-on, ever-expanding Conversations audience.
rhea_borja Rhea Borja is our Deputy Editor based in California. A self-confessed gadget geek and inveterate wordsmith, Rhea uses her 15-year experience as a journalist and communications pro to create and edit compelling stories. Oh, and Rhea used to work at NASA.
adam-150x150 Adam Fraser is our staff writer. Adam worked for Nokia Care Points for several years prior to joining Conversations, including the one at the London flagship store. He’s the one who really knows the ins and outs of all the devices, and gets our phones working again when we’ve tested them too strenuously.
nishtha-about-us Nishtha Arora is our contributing Editor based in India. A proud technophile and a communications purist, Nishtha is an ex-technology and lifestyle journalist who has worked for Indian national dailies and premiere news networks. When she is not suffering from ‘Gadgetitis’, she occupies herself by watching endless reruns of rom-coms and world cinema on the telly.
Lauren-Pope Lauren Pope is a writer for the Nokia@Work section on the blog. She is passionate about technology, productivity and becoming Smarter Everyday.
Joel Willans Joel Willans is the Editor of Connects. An award-winning author, his love of storytelling has helped him edit and write for six Nokia blogs in the last five years. He’s currently learning the art of photography with his much-loved Lumia 1020.
anna-k Anna Kurkijarvi is an ex-travel journalist who has written for Finnish national newspapers and magazines. She now explores the wonderful world of mobile tech and enjoys discovering new apps, new online communities and new Lumia lovers.
adam-m 1 Adam Monaghan is a professional photographer and photo-journalist. His words and photos have appeared in places like The Guardian and Time Out. He loves experimenting with his Lumia 1020 and road racing, although happily not at the same time.
Kalle-Wilkman_150x150 Kalle Wilkman is the Connects digital imaging maestro. A professional photographer and videographer, he loves shooting music festivals and extreme sports. He also gets a buzz out recording his travels with his prized Lumia 1020.
Paul Coombes Paul Coombes has been working with the Conversations community for more than five years. His mission is to shine a spotlight on those talking about, and are interested, in new products and services, as well as introducing new people into fold.
friida_AD_sq Friida Turku is the editor-in-chief for the Finnish Conversations blog called Ääni. She also manages associated Facebook and Twitter handles and loves all things social. In her free time, Friida is very much into sports, music, traveling and silly teenage TV dramas. And cupcakes. Definitely cupcakes!
jan-carlos Juan Carlos Anez is the editor for “Conversaciones” – our Spanish edition. Besides his passion for flawless products and service, he found true fuel in running races of all distances, from 10K to marathons.
rubia Rubia Pria is the editor of our Brazilian blog. With a huge passion for mobile technology, there’s nothing Rubia doesn’t know about Lumia, Asha, Nokia X family or Windows Phone. Her interests include music, flamenco dance, dogs and Latin idioms!